About Us

Cutting facilities

Advanced Quality A.C.C. operates an integrated manufacturing operation, with cutting facilities in Ramat Gan, Israel, and Bangkok, Thailand. In doing so it takes full advantage of the abilities and expertise available in each cutting center, and this plays an important part in the company’s ability to produce top-quality polished gemstones in both smaller and larger sizes. Rough gemstones acquired by Advanced Quality are first shipped to the company’s offices in Israel, where they are sorted, and then put through the pre-shaping and shaping stages. This is managed by an expert staff, using some of the most sophisticated equipment available in the gemstone business, including the Robogem, which is a fully automated computer-aided design and manufacturing system. The shaped gemstones are then shipped to Advanced Quality’s factory in Thailand, where 50 skilled cutters facet and finish the goods using tools that are custom made according to the company’s instructions. The development of such precision equipment; which has a degree of accuracy significantly higher than the tools.