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Menahem Sevdermish

Menahem Sevdermish is an educator, inventor, an outstanding gemologist and a successful gem
trader. A Fellow of the Gemological Association of Great Britain, from which he graduated in 1974, that
same year he founded Israel’s first gem lab, the Gemological Institute of Israel (GIPS). It is today called
the European Gemological Center and College (EGC), and is the largest testing and education body of
its type in Israel. In 1981 he founded the Gemological Association of Israel.
Menahem is the author of a two-volume book on gemology in Hebrew, which was first published in
1986 and a second edition in 1995. The publication remains the standards gemology text book in
Israel. In 1996, he published “The Dealer’s Book of Gems and Diamonds,” a two volume, 1000-page
English-language set of books, which discusses, for the first time, the commercial aspects of
gemstones. For his professional achievements in the trade and weighing his books as a doctoral thesis,
Menahem was awarded a Doctor of Letters by Fairfax University.
An internationally recognized authority on gem commercialization and the processing of gemstones,
was a founding partner of Menavi International in Israel and the Advanced Cutting Center in Bangkok,
which was reconstituted as Advanced Quality A.C.C in 2001.
Menahem is also the conceiver and driving force behind the creation and development of
“Gemewizard”, a unique computer-based color communication tool, grading and trading system for
colored gemstones and diamonds. The system, which has been described as revolutionary by leaders
in the gemstone industry, is the result of a 12-year research project.

Kobi Sevdermish:

Kobi Sevdermish, the president of Advanced Quality A.C.C., followed his father's footsteps into the
gemstone business. Following a three-year- period of national service as a combat soldier, he joined
the industry in 2000 as an employee of Menavi International in Ramat Gan, Israel. Initially, he received
a training in the sorting of rough and the pre-shaping of gemstones, and simultaneously studied at the
European Gemological Center (EGC) Israel, from which a received a graduate Gemologist diploma.
In 2001 Kobi traveled to Bangkok, where he continued his gemological studies at GIA Thailand. There
he also worked at the Advanced Cutting Center factory, learning cutting and polishing techniques, as
well as the principals of managing a large colored gemstone factory.
With his return to Israel in 2002, Kobi joined the staff of the reconstituted Advanced Quality A.C.C., of
which he today serves as president. In his new position he developed an expertise in rough acquisition,
traveling to Africa to the company’s buying offices. Today he manages Advanced Quality’s offices in
Israel, and has overall responsibility for production, and co-responsibility for rough gem purchases