About Us


Advanced Quality A.C.C’s. customer base is a made up of a limited number of exclusive jewelry and gemstone dealers, manufacturers and distributors. Clients are carefully selected, because the company coordinates its entire rough acquisition and manufacturing operation to ensure that it able meets its customers’ exact requirements. Most of the Advanced Quality’s clients are larger operations, but the firm has a special department that caters to the needs of smaller firms. Advanced Quality is committed to providing its clients with prompt, efficient and personal service, through its offices in Israel, its attendance at a number of major trade fairs, and through regular visits to the clients themselves. In addition, clients are able to maintain constant contact with Advanced Quality via the Internet, using the Gemewizard color communication and trading network. What this means is that, on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week, clients are able to place orders with Advance Quality, providing exact instructions about gemstone type, color, sizes, quantities and cuts. Clients consider Advanced Quality as an integral factor in their own marketing strategies, and as a result regularly invite its representatives to attend annual and quarterly planning sessions, so that Advanced Quality can coordinate its operation to meet the clients’ programs. For its part, Advanced Quality keeps its clients informed about new gemstone finds, cuts and color alternatives, so that they may create programs to take advantage of the marketing opportunities that these present. The company specializes in the production of superbly cut smaller-sized goods, from 1.8 millimeters in diameter to 2.0 carats, and also special cuts in sizes up to 35 carats for a number of the world’s most exclusive jewelry producers. Gemstone types include tanzanite, tsavorite, natural fancy colored sapphires, finest quality chrome tourmaline, earth colored tourmaline, hot pink spinel, color change garnet, and the finest quality aquamarine, rhodolite, Mozambique red garnet and amethyst.